Investment in Blockchain-Based Future Entrepreneurs Value

SmileStory is making efforts to contribute to the development of blockchain industry and national economy as a leader in blockchain industry by using blockchain technology.



2019.9 Registration for Accelerator (No. 2019-68)
2019.8 Registration for Venture Business (No. 20190109414)
2019.8 Rename ‘Blockchain Cyber Life Education Center’
2019.7 Published ‘End with a book of Grade 2 of Certified Blockchain Management’
2019.6 Belgian Fintech Corporate delegation B2B Meeting
2019.6 Registration for Tourism Business (No. 2019-000027)
2019.3 Patent registration for air sterilizer
2019.2 Global Artista MOU

2018.11 Notarization of Block Chain Documents _ Korean Intellectual Property Office
2018.10 Book of ‘Block Chain Insight’ published
2018.10 Changing the name of ‘Block Chain Research’ organized by the Company
2018.06 Book of ‘Journey to the Block Chain’ published
2018.04 Publication of the International Standards Guideline for ICO
2018.03 Award at Press Publishing for the First Republic of Korea Block Chain Industry
2017.12 Membership of the Korea Federation of Block Chain Industry
2017.11 Changing the site of a business place (currently in Magok R&D Park)
2017.03 Public Safety Education Research Institute establishment certification number 2017111218
2016.04 ‘Medicare automatic contribution receipt generation program’ Copyright registration number: No. C-2016-009557
2016.04 Registration of Social Enterprise Consulting Institute Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency
2016.03 Published ‘Disaster Safety Act
2016.02 Published ‘Health and Medical Relations Act’
2016.02 MOU on ‘Gangseo Women’s Human Resources Development Center’

2015.12 ‘Cooperative related laws’ Book Published
2015.11 MOU ‘Seokyeong University Graduate School of Management and Health and Welfare’
2015.08 ‘Practice for Financial Calculator’ Book Published
2015.06 Book Published ‘Establishment of Medical Product Association to Innovation’
2015.04 MOU ‘Bethesda Oriental University’
2015.03 Selection of the Small Business Military Academy and Re-establishment Package Mentoring Consulting Company in 2015
2015.03 ‘Youth International System for Small and Medium Business’ Agreement
2015.03 ’15 Year Free Fire Insurance Small Enterprise
2015.03 Convention on the Field Practice of Korea Welfare Cyber University
2015.02 ‘From launching Social Cooperation-Innovation’ – Institute for Social Enterprise
2015.01 Establishment of Social Enterprise Institute MOU for ‘Korean Press Cooperation’

2014.12 Establishment of Smile Story Internet Newspaper
2014.12 MOU for ‘3D Printing Cooperative’
2014.12 Registration for Small and Medium Business (Registration Number : 2014-498)
2014.10 MOU for ‘National Club Resort’
2014.03 MOU of Hana Medical Foundation
2014.02 The establishment of the Cyber Academy of Life
2013.11 ‘Korean Today’ MOU
2013.10 Adding ‘Publishing Competitions’
2013.10 ‘Smile Story Tablets’ 41-0271259
2013.10 ‘Smile Story Table Titling’ 41-0271258
2013.10 MOU for Sunghyeon Medical Consumer Life Cooperation
2013.10 MOU ‘Seoul Cyber Welfare University’
2013.07 ‘Teacher Group Merchants Service’ Business Alliance
2013.06 MOU on Welfare TV
2013.01 Participate in the Success and Startup Research Support Project (Social Insurance Assessment)
2012.11 Alliance for ‘Lotte Card Advertising’
2012.01 Published ‘Financial Design with 20 % of Korea’
2012.01 ‘Voice Eye Program License and Work’ Agreement

2011.12 Convention on Management Mentoring of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry
2011.12 MOU ‘Korea Association for the Disabled’
2011.12 Join the ‘2011 FP CONFERENCE’ booth
2011.11 ‘Director General of Small and Medium Business ‘Commendation
2011.10 ‘KBS 97.3MHZ “Sharing Hope” Broadcasting’ on the air
2011.09 ‘A Cover Story of the FPA Journal’
2011.08 Add ‘Software Advisory and Development’
2011.06 ‘Join the Korea International Trade Association’ Trade Number : 30690716
2011.06 Job “Broadcast” on the air with TBS
2011.05 Premium Membership Registration of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry
2011.05 Appointment of the Project for Support for the Disabled
2011.04 Participation in the Seoul Employment Fair for the Disabled

2010.12 Full Member of the Korea FP Society
2010.11 All 18th Certified Financial Architect (CFP) Acceptance
2010.08 ‘10,000 FREE Financial Design Committee of Chosun Ilbo’
2010.04 Alliance of East Life Activities
2009.12 Selection of ‘Innovation Leader in Korea’
2009.11 Business Magazine Opportunity Article FINANCE
2009.11 Award at ‘Innovation Company & Brand’ Financial Insurance
2009.11 An MOU on consignment education for Cyber University industries
2009.06 ‘Job Broadcasting TV Channel “Field Focus”’
2009.05 EBS Korea Success Office
2009.04 Registration of ‘Smile Story Operator’
2009.02 Registration of the Company’s Smile Story Corporation

– CEO Greeting –

Welcome to the Smile Story.
Using the block-chain technology, our Smile Story became a leader in the block-chain industry, contributing to the healthy development of the blockChain industry and the national economy. At a time when the 4th Industrial Revolution is changing the landscape of all industries, blockChain technology, which can be applied to a wide range of fields, is an important technology for determining success or failure in the 4th Industrial Revolution.
However, there are many challenges to achieve technology reality that will be applied to each industry.
The Smile Story promises to push forward with a variety of projects that will enable the industry to evolve in the blockChain industry, applying this critical blockChain technology to industries in all sectors, and giving full support to improve national competitiveness.
Smile Story CEO, Sam-heum Yun(연삼흠)
Academic Background
2018.08 OCU Beauty Health Design (Beauty) BA, Bachelor of Fire and Disaster Safety
2017.02 Bachelor of Health Administration at Seoul Cyber University
2016.02 Ph.D of Management at Seokyeong University (Health and Welfare Management)
2013.02 Master of Wells Management, Sangmyung University Business School
2011.02 Management of Financial Asset Management, Cyber University, Korea
1998.02 Professional Graduate School of Automotive Technology at Incheon Polytechnic University
2018.11 –  Certified BlockChain Management a member of the examination committee
2018.10 – Hoon Cyber Lifelong Education Center Director
2018.10 – Director of Research Institute for BlockChain
2018.04 – World BlockChain Industry Association (WBCIA) CEO
2018.01 – Korea BlockChain Industry Society (KBCIS) CEO
2017.12 – Korea BlockChain Industry Association(KBCIA) CEO
2009.02 – Smile Story CEO
Other Career
2019.05 –  National Competency Standards(NCS) Working Group(WG) Deliberation committee Blockchain sector
2018.07 – NCS block chain module development committee
2018.03 – Professor of Asset Management at the Graduate School of Business of Dankook University
2017.01 – Franchise World FinTech columnist
2014.03 – Special Professor, OCU, Beauty Health and Design Department



Blockchain technology start-up
enterprise Business support
(BI, investment, funding)

Establishing a shopping mall

An open/closed shopping mall
that is paid in Cryptocurrency


Mobile and App Development in
accordance with Changes
in Financial Services


Security built once more for
health and medical information


Records of blockchain voting
rights, such as voting
status or tally

Contract management & execution

Blockchain contract management
without worry of forgery
and modification


Strong document notarization
service as a source technology


Region cryptocurrency
development and Deployment
Support Payment Platform

procedure for the project


Provide advisory services, such as Project Ideas Review, Blockchain Technology training.


Project feasibility review, estimated schedule and calculation, and production of technical project plan.


Process design and base system development, DB interworking, Web site and mobile app design.


Provide a service operation environment, such as Web sites and mobile app openings and updates.

All you imagine becomes an innovation.






Mon~Fri 09:00am~06:00pm

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